Our Brand

We at Embrace are on a mission to help others love their hair as much as we do! 

Growing up in a predominantly white area and not having the right products or care for my hair within easy accessibility, I really struggled. So aged 15 I decided to relax my hair.  I now realise I already had he most beautiful crown and it certainly didn't require straightening! 

After years of high maintenance, breakage and dry hair, my beautiful daughter was born. It was in this instance I knew that we must learn to embrace what we was born with. How could I possibly teach my daughter to love her curls if her own mother doesn't? 

So after 10 years of studying hair products and trying and testing methods I decided it was time to share this knowledge and passion for embracing our natural hair with others and that is when Embrace Natural Haircare was born.

With the right advice and products you can have a head start on the journey to achieving your natural hair goals - and we are here to provide you with that.